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New Device Support

BPM Releases Support For NXP Industrial/Automotive MCU

NXP MC9S12DJ64CFU is designed for (Automotive) Motorcycle Engine Control Unit (ECU) and Small Engine Control, (Industrial) Anesthesia Unit Monitor, Electricity Grid and Distribution, Gas Meter, Home Health Gateway, Powered Patient Beds, Smart Power Socket and Light Switch & Water Meter; Among our major competitors, only BPM supports this device currently.

BPM Releases Support For Renesas Automotive Microcontroller

Renesas R7F7015433AFP-C for Automotive Electrical Body Applications is one group of single-chip microcontrollers in the RH850/F1x series which is designed for automotive electrical body applications. While it achieves low power consumption, the internal flash memory ranges from 768KB to 2MB and the package covers a wide range from 100 to 176 pins.

BPM releases support for Atmel High-Performance PLD

BPM has the only supported solution for the Atmel/Microchip PLD ATF16V8B-15SU-T. Atmel devices are particularly “challenging” to support, and no one has as many Atmel devices supported as BPM (currently 4781).

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