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Halloween, BPM Style

Halloween, BPM Style

BPM Annual Halloween Luncheon Party

Thank you all for participating and joining us for a fun day full of treats 🙂

Thanks Penny and her team for a great lunch…

Costume Winners

1st Place Fernando Guillen (Chainsaw man)
2nd Paul Wickboldt (Skull man)
3rd Ladrieka Parker (Clown Cop)

Potluck Winners

1st Charlie Walton (pumpkin roll and crackers )
2nd Kathy Cox (brain dip – pumpkin spew guacamole)
3rd Robert Trenary (orange swirl brownie)

SMTA Guadalajara 2019 Day Two

SMTA Guadalajara 2019 Day Two

Great Show in Guadalajara

“We had a great show in Guadalajara, Mexico where we released our newest machine, the 3901,” says Armando Garcia, BPM’s former Sales Director-Americas. “This machine has been developed to reach out to those customers who need to increase quality, performance and time to market and do not have a high volume to approve a purchasing of an automated system.”

“Immediately after releasing the machine, we started to have several opportunities to implement this solution, where the low price is the new thing in regards to the brand BPM Microsystems, but the quality is the same old one. Now, our customers will have BPM’s quality and low price. Only BPM can provide to the market all in one bundle: research, development, and manufacturing in the USA competing against Asian’s prices,” says Garcia.

3rd Quarter Business Review and Company BBQ

3rd Quarter Business Review and Company BBQ

3rd Quarter Business Review and Company BBQ

BPM managers met for two days of department and individual business reviews September 10 and 11, 2019. We gathered the whole sales team from around the world: Dragon Zhang joined us from China and David Whitton traveled to Houston from Europe for two weeks of intensive training and meetings. William White, the founder and CEO of BPM, conducted the high-level strategy meetings. BPM will celebrate 35 years of business next year, and we’re excited for great things from the end of the year through 2020!

BPM Sales Department awarded two “Sales Hero” Awards: Colin Harper, Director of Engineering and Product Development, for some exciting advances (to be revealed soon), and Jon Bondurant, VP of Operations, for automating follow-ups in Salesforce for Inside Sales.

The whole BPM family gathered for a BBQ lunch, cooked on-site by Corey Miles, Director of Device Support.

IPC APEX 2019 Highlights

IPC APEX 2019 Highlights

If you’re into cool gadgets, APEX 2019 was like a techie’s Christmas. BPM brought its coolest new machines and rocked it! Trade shows are a lot of work, and lots of things can go wrong (and they did), but fortunately, everything was running like a top by Tuesday morning. Here are the highlights and some more pics:

  • NPI Award for WhisperTeach+ (if you bring back an NPI award in your carry-on luggage, it will flag a security check)
  • Over 150 guests (that we know about) over 2-1/2 days
  • Two video interviews (with Global SMT and What’s New in Electronics). Links coming soon
  • Many opportunities discovered and a few rekindled
  • The 3910 and 4910 Automated Programming Systems demonstrated why they are the best solution for Automotive, Industrial, IoT, Medical, etc. device programming— they truly are fast and easy (and profitable!)
  • An 8-foot video wall provided some additional buzz
  • Most of our Sales Representative Organizations covering the US, Canada, and Latin America participated, including InterLatin, the Murray Percival Group, and Restronics Inc.
  • Quote of the week: “Your booth is amazing– so much traffic; you must have sexy machines!” from our next-door neighbor from Parker Hannifin

Video— BPM introduces Award-Winning WhisperTeach+

BPM Microsystems upgrades its WhisperTeach software to WhisperTeach+, the NPI 2019 Award Winner for Production Software. The new software plots X and Y coordinates in addition to the Z height, limiting the potential for misplaced or damaged devices during programming. Trevor Galbraith of Global SMT & Packaging interviews James “Jim” Holava, Global Sales Director with BPM Microsystems on January 29, 2019, at IPC APEX 2019.

Photo Gallery

APEX Day One

APEX Day One

APEX Day One is in the books– we had a great first day meeting with customers, soon-to-be customers, distributors and friends in the business. When the doors opened at 10am, we had a full house. Things stayed busy all through lunch. The afternoon slowed down a bit, but we had a lot to celebrate.

We received the NPI Award for new product development again this year (two years in a row). Last year, we won for WhisperTeach (auto-teach the critical z-height). This year, we received the award for WhisperTeach+ 

  • Reduces set-up times by as much as an hour (compared to competitor’s manual teach methods)
  • Improves yield and job performance with fully-automated teach
  • Blazing-fast set-ups with fully-autonomous XYZ and Theta Teach— up to 48 sockets in just a few minutes without operator intervention

Jim Holava, our Global Sales Director, gave an interview with SMT Global Magazine… stay tuned for that link.

We still have two more days of meetings and greetings. If you’re in SoCal, drop by and do the WhisperTeach Challenge– see if you can beat your fellow humans in a Z-Teach challenge. The closest to the WhisperTeach without going over (which can damage the device) has a chance to win an iPad. We’re also having a special appearance with our founder and president, William White, on Wednesday.