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New HS400 Device Support for SanDisk, SK-Hynix

New HS400 Device Support for SanDisk, SK-Hynix

SANDISK SDINBDG48GXIBPM Microsystems is pleased to announce new device support for SanDisk and Hynix eMMC devices with significantly faster HS400 protocol

SanDisk SDINBDG4-8G is an 8GB iNAND Flash Storage device primarily for connected and autonomous cars. Western Digital, the maker of SanDisk, describes this family of flash devices: “Leveraging enhanced flash storage technology for superior reliability, the new iNAND storage devices are designed to support data demands of the latest Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). These include cutting-edge infotainment, navigation, HD mapping, V2V/V2I communication, drive event recorders, and autonomous driving. The iNAND EFDs (Embedded Flash Drives) delivers dependable performance even in the most extreme environmental conditions, including ambient temperatures ranging from -40°C to 105°C. Western Digital’s robust iNAND embedded flash drives are ideal for a wide range of connected automotive systems and environments. All of our automotive solutions are AEC-Q100 qualified and are designed to meet the reliability requirements of the automotive industry.”

Typical applications and workloads for the SDINBDG4 are Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS), Navigation / Infotainment, HD Mapping, V2V/V2I Communication, Digital Cluster, Drive Event Recorders, Autonomous Drive, and more.

  • Package: BGA(153)
  • Device Type: eMMC
  • Algorithm Programming Mode: HS400
  • Maximum Interface Speed: 400MB/second
  • 9th Gen Socket Solutions: FVE4ASMC153BGJ, FVE4ASMC153BGZ*
  • Available on BPWin Versions released after 02/03/2021


Hynix Semiconductor H26M41208HPRQHynix Semiconductor H26M41208HPRQ is an 8GB eMMC device in a standard FBGA153 package.  The “Q” version is specifically designed for Automotive applications requiring greater temperature ranges. Hynix describes their eMMC 5.1 device family as a “wide-ranging lineup with longevity of support.” It delivers optimized performance with a maximum interface speed of 400MB per second.

  • Packages: BGA(153)
  • Device Type: eMMC 5.1
  • Algorithm Programming Mode: HS400
  • Maximum Interface Speed: 400MB/second
  • 9th Gen: FVE4ASMC153BGJ, FVE4ASMC153BGZ*
  • Available on BPWin Versions released after 03/11/2021


While BPM has supported both of these devices in the past, HS400 enables programming eMMC devices at greater speeds (up to 400MB/Second) with improved throughput. From our research, we found other device programming companies also (mostly) support these devices, but they don’t mention HS400, so it’s safe to say they don’t support it.

9th Gen

9th Generation Site Technology delivers the fastest programming times, 2 to 9 times faster for flash devices. Vector Engine Co-processing with BitBlast now supports HS400. BitBlast offers the fastest programming speeds in the industry, vastly increasing throughput for high-density managed NAND devices that utilize the eMMC interface.

BPM Advantages

The two socket cards specified (FVE4ASMC153BGJ [available to purchase on the web**] & FVE4ASMC153BGZ) both have compression-mounted sockets. This means when the socket wears out, simply remove it and replace it with LSOCB169KA-3-MOD, rather than replacing the whole socket card (adapter). Both BPM sockets allow for up to 4 devices to be programmed in parallel and will work with both manual and automated systems. In contrast, Elnec’s socket solution is only one-up per programmer, it doesn’t utilize HS400, and they don’t have an automated solution.

BPWin Software Support

In order to fully take advantage of new device support from BPM Microsystems, you’ll need the latest version of BPWin, BPM’s process software. All engineering manual programmers (they start with a “1” such as the 1710) come with lifetime software support. New programmers come with one year of software support; if your software contract has lapsed, please contact Inside Sales to take advantage of daily additions and improvements in device support.

Device Search Socket Decoder Types of Programmables

*FVE4ASMC153BGZ uses a newer board design optimized for HS400; allows for even cleaner waveforms, with higher potential yields
**FVE4ASMC153BGJ is available for purchase online in the US, Mexico and Canada


Number of Devices Supported by 9th Gen

Complete Ecosystem

BPM Microsystems has ownership of all designs, manufacturing, and support for all programming sites, robotics, vision systems, and software, so we can provide unmatched support and responsiveness

  • Reduce your time to market by doing New Product Introduction/First Article through Automated Production with the same hardware, algorithms, and software

9th Generation Site Technology

Manual Programmers for this Device

Available for purchase in North America (US/Canada/Mexico)

2900L Manual Programmer with Actuator


2900 9th Gen Manual Programmer


BPM Revenue and Profitability Increase in 2020, Positions for Continued Growth

BPM Revenue and Profitability Increase in 2020, Positions for Continued Growth

In the year that will be forever remembered for a global pandemic and world-wide business shut-downs, BPM enjoyed a 300% year-over-year installation growth for automated programming systems.  “2020 was an exceptional year in many respects”, says William White, Founder, and CEO at BPM Microsystems. “I am really proud of the way our team delivers the solutions our customers need while operating under the constraints of the pandemic. Uncertainty in the first half of the year was followed by strength from multiple sectors. Ending the year with increasing revenue and profitability is a testament to the resilience of our customers and our team. Business cycles come and go, but we remain positive about the future, and are positioned to have a strong 2021.” BPM ended 2020 with an overall sales growth of 23% compared to 2019.

Automated Programmers Driving Installation Growth

BPM attributes much of the growth to two major product launches in late 2019. The 3901 Automated Programmer is touted as a low-cost, full-featured small footprint APS; it comes standard with 2-sites/8 sockets for under $90K in most markets. The 3928 Automated Programming System is rated at 1,432 Devices per hour with up to 28 sockets– 75% more capacity than the 3901. It is the only mid-sized automated programmer in the world that is fully-configurable with all peripherals, including automotive-level 3D Inspection


Both the 3901 and 3928 feature WhisperTeach, the patented, award-winning automated Z-Teach process that delivers faster set-ups, better accuracy, and repeatable high-quality programming, critical for modern devices. BPM’s nearest competitor does not offer auto Z-Teach in their comparable platform.

Manual Programmer Revenue Growth

BPM also experienced 269% year-over-year sales growth in Manual Programmer revenue. Penny Santhanam, Director of Customer Care, says, “It’s exciting to see the growth in our Manual Programmers. Our team built great relationships with several Defense suppliers and OEMs and won a majority of deals we quoted.” A major contributor to almost tripling manual programmer sales was the launch of the Silicon Sculptor 4, sold exclusively by Microsemi. The SS4 is based on BPM’s 9th Gen site technology, providing a boost in programming speeds while maintaining the critical quality of some of the world’s most valuable (and challenging) mission-critical programmable devices. BPM is Microsemi’s exclusive designer and manufacturer for the Silicon Sculptor series and has been for more than 20 years.

BPM’s proven 9th Generation Programming Technology delivers the fastest and most universal programming solution on the market. BPM’s global service and support network serve the demanding requirements of mission-critical installations across six continents.

The Software and Device Support teams are growing to meet increasing demands, with the Device Support team doubling in size from this time last year. Jon Bondurant, Chief Operations Officer, says, “We were cautiously optimistic in early 2020, but things really picked up when COVID-related projects started coming in– digital thermometers and other medical devices. By year-end, pent-up global demand is keeping us pretty busy.”

Read US Tech Article

BPM Microsystems started in 1985 out of a dorm room at Rice University. 36 years later, they have installed more fine-pitch programmers than all other companies worldwide combined. They design and manufacture all of their products in their ISO 9001 manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas. To find out how bringing device programming in-house improves quality, reduces time to market, and cuts cost, call +1 713.263.3776 or Toll-Free in the US or Canada at (855) SELL BPM.

Programmable Device Shortage Update

Programmable Device Shortage Update

In an article published in Forbes on February 25, President Joe Biden signed “Executive Order on America’s Supply Chains” to address the global semiconductor chip shortage. Designed as a 100-day review of supply chain effectiveness, and citing that the United States accounts for 12.5% of semiconductor manufacturing, this Executive Order is a part of a continuous stream of policy assuming that “made in America” is good for America.

According to a new Reuters article, here are some updates on the on-going global chip shortage.

General Motors

GM has extended production cuts at four of their North American plants due to chip shortage. It’s being reported that the shortage could cut up to $2 Billion from their 2021 forecast.


The shortage is hitting production of the most popular truck in the world:  F-150 pickup trucks. Ford could lose 10% to 20% of planned first-quarter vehicle production.

Volkswagen AG

The chip shortage will impact production at Wolfsburg and Kassel plants. VW was the first major automaker to announce that chip shortages were affecting production. Volkswagen is the world’s second-largest car company (behind Toyota).

Groupe Renault

The chip shortage could reduce Renault production by about 100,000 vehicles this year. Renault is a French automaker.


Honda has announced a cut in its 2021 sales target by 100,000 vehicles due to the chip shortage. Honda is fifth in sales worldwide.


Nissan, Japan’s third-largest automaker and #10 in the world have lowered its target by 150,000 vehicles due to the chip shortage.

Tesla Inc

Elon Musk said Tesla’s plant in Fremont, California shut down for two days in February due to “parts shortages”.

Automotive Suppliers


Visteon, a major automotive component supplier, has said uncertainty around the semiconductor shortages will lead to some plant closures in the first half of 2021 before things stabilize in the third and fourth quarters.

Stellantis NV

Stellantis‘ factories in Germany and Spain were impacted due to the programmable device shortage. Union sources told Reuters in February that Stellantis planned to slow production at its plant in Italy, and furlough 7,000 workers. Stellantis’ supported brands include Alfa Romero, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Fiat, and Opel.

Other Industries


Sony’s Chief Finacial Officer Hiroki Totoki said it is difficult for the company to increase the production of the popular gaming system, the PS5, amid the shortage of semiconductors. The PS5 launched in November of 2020, and is one of the most popular systems in the world.

Legacy Automated Programmers from BPM Microsystems

Legacy Automated Programmers from BPM Microsystems

Legacy Automated Programmers from BPM Microsystems

Hundreds Still Running

Several hundred of our legacy Automated Programming Systems (defined as machines we no longer offer for sale) are still in operation; many 15 years and older. There may be some compelling reasons to upgrade (such as capacity issues, or slower programming times for newer devices), but if it ain’t broke, why fix it? Many of these older machines have been paid off for years (other than spare parts and consumables), so as long as they are still productive, an older system is a pure profit center.

BPM still supports many systems (there are some exceptions, so please check the End of Life page). You can continue to get parts and support with a current hardware and/or software contract.



To find out more about upgrading your existing 3800MK2 or 3900 to make it faster and have greater, more accurate throughput, let us know!

Available Upgrades

APS legacy models 3800MK2 and 3900 use upward vision camera technology for component alignment. These APS can be upgraded to get new hardware and software for on-the-fly vision alignment and higher performance with a CyberOptics on-the-fly alignment camera and other improvements with the Z and Theta Axis.

Compelling Reasons to Upgrade

Performance: The 3800MK2 to 3810 upgrade combined with other hardware improvements will allow 800 DPH (3800MK2) to an impressive 1200 DPH. This is accomplished because of the sophisticated CyberOptic LNC-120 for on-the-fly vision alignment and improved pick and place movement using hardware/software advancements.

The 3900 to 3910 upgrade improves Devices Per Hour from 1100 DPH (3900) to an impressive 1432 DPH for the 3910.

Component Automeasure, supported with the CyberOptics alignment camera allows customers to set up jobs more quickly. WhisperTeach allows for faster job setups and changeovers.

CSP devices are supported. The LNC-120 is a sophisticated alignment camera capable of accurately and repeatedly aligning the smallest programmable devices presently on the market as of September 2019.

This is not simply a “camera change.” Upgrade include a new e-chain, improved hardware and performance improvements for the Z-Axis, plus faster, more accurate, and faster Theta performance (rotation alignment).

Legacy Machines Still In Operation

  APS Model Operating Machines by Generation
3610 6th Gen

6th Gen launched in 2000 (20 years)

7th Gen

7th Gen launched in 2007 (13 years)

3800 8th Gen

8th Gen launched in 2011 (8+ years)


Windows 10

We’re pleased to announce that BPWin Windows 10 Compatible version went live with the launch of version 7.0.0. BPWin is currently compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 10, 64-Bit operating system; users can now take advantage of the newest Windows operating system with greater speed, security, and access to the latest OS updates (Microsoft announced it will cease support for legacy OS– see full info from Microsoft here).

Important: you’ll need a current Software Support Contract for all APS and 2XXX Manual Programmers. Contact Inside Sales for contract support.

If you’re interested in Windows 10 support on your current system, contact Technical Support for more information. You may need additional hardware to support Windows 10.


To find out more about upgrading your existing 3800MK2 or 3900 to make it faster and have greater, more accurate throughput, let us know!

3901 Virtual Demo

3901 Virtual Demo

3901 Virtual Demo

Live Webinar July 7, 2020

  • The 3901 APS – the affordable full-featured APS with Universal Programming Technology and On the fly vision alignment
  • Take a test drive with WhisperTeach which automates the Z-axis teach
  • We’ll talk about Scalability: Field Upgrade to 3928 (up to 7 sites, 1432 DPH)
  • Live 3901 Demo
    • Job changeover from TSOPs to BGA devices
    • Run a job
    • WhisperTeach Demo
  • Q&A

Your Hosts

Colin Harper

Colin Harper

Director of Sales and Product Management

BPM Microsystems
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Houston, TX 77040-3220
Phone:  +1 713 351-5521
Cell: 1+ 832 358-1002

Colin has been at BPM for over 17 years. He’s been head of Engineering, Product Development, Sales and Marketing. Colin was instrumental in launching the 3901 and 3928 in 2019.

Scott Bronstad

Scott Bronstad

Marketing Guy

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Scott just celebrated (in May) 2 years at BPM. He has over 25 years of marketing experience, and has recently launched BPM’s Ecommerce store.

Doing our Part to Defeat Our Common Enemy

Doing our Part to Defeat Our Common Enemy

BPM has instituted enhanced antiseptic cleaning

Our mission today is more important than ever. We are serving the global fight against our common enemy– SARS-Cov-2 – the virus that is causing COVID-19. This week, we’ve shipped a 3910 Automated Programming System to produce digital thermometers. And, we are doing a rush Device Support Request that is required to program MCUs that will control hospital beds. These beds are being produced immediately to set up new overflow hospitals. These two projects will save many thousands of lives. How often do you get to go to work and save thousands of lives? Pretty cool.

To help address the new leadership challenges we are facing, I am promoting Jon Bondurant to Chief Operating Officer. Jon’s mission in the COO role is to keep the trains running on time, so to speak. The entire leadership team, and thus all employees, are now reporting to Jon. This will allow me to work on strategy and technology development. Jon has demonstrated great skill as a manager, leader and solution innovator. He’s already stepping up his responsibilities in integrating and coordinating Device Support, IT, Manufacturing and Inside Sales to increase our output as a whole company. We are starting to see results already. Please congratulate Jon and give him an air handshake (from a safe distance).

COVID-19 Impacts BPM

All BPM Microsystems employees have been instructed to comply with the social distancing requirements, in addition to wearing N95 masks, in order to minimize the spread of COVID-19

We took the precaution of buying enough N95 masks (Filters out 95 percent of particles that are at least 0.3 microns in diameters.) for all employees when they were still available. To protect all of us, we are wearing these masks at work. The masks work not only because they filter the air you breathe, but they also keep you from touching your lips and nose, plus they diminish aerosols produced by coughing, sneezing, clearing your throat and speech. Do not lose your mask. They are exceptionally hard to get right now.

We are busy saving thousands of lives. And, we will get through this.

Kindest regards,

William White
Founder and CEO,
BPM Microsystems