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BPWin Highlights

  • Restore COR_X and COR_Y registry values to default every time before PNP initializes, to prevent the values from affecting the home Z process. This feature eliminates the need to manually delete registry values.
  • Added a registry key value pair to give users an option to default “Verify teach by picking in diagonal location” to “No.”  This changes the default value to streamline the teaching process for JEDEC trays. 
  • Integrate 10th Gen support into standard BPWin release cycle.  
  • Enabled “V4-45” 3D Inspection hardware feature on BPM310 and 3928.

Other Improvements

  • Fixed a bug to allow REJECTS as a valid location for use during the Test Lase session. Previously the Test Lase session failed to end as expected.  
  • Fixed a bug to allow the socket identifier specifier to be used in the Test Lase process. 
  • Fixed a runtime error for NAND devices, caused by autorange implementation. 
  • Fixed a Job Integrity Check (JIC) error preventing jobs from running when using autorange and serialization together.