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BPWin 6.2.5

Jan 22, 2018

BPM 3000/4000 Series Autohandler

  • Corrected an issue where motion controller code would not properly download on legacy machines.
  • Corrected an issue where connection to UltraVim fails during Scanner Tech Vision inspection teach initialization.
  • Improved Scanner Tech inspection process by leveraging signals from UltraVim software.
  • Corrected a problem causing Scanner Tech inspection system not to be recognized in an inspection-only workflow with the same media as input and output.
  • Enhancements to Windows Account Based Security features.
  • Resolved an issue where some users were frequently seeing z-limit errors on a 4x machine.

Device Programming

  • Corrected a problem with 9th gen socket B yield failures.
  • Added gang support for 2 and 4 SM/ASM sockets on 9th gen programming sites.
  • Corrected a problem for PIC32MX device family failing on slave sockets.
  • Added a new Jobmaster option “Keep job loaded on JIC Failure” that, when enabled, provides a supervisor mode option to permit the job session to continue after failing Job Integrity Check.
  • Corrected the warning message when loading a 1710 Jobmaster file on a 2710 programmer.
  • Resolved an issue with Continuity Test that occurs on some 9th gen algorithms.
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