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BPWin 6.2.10

Jul 31, 2018

BPM 3000/4000 Series Autohandler

  • Improved communication with the 4900 Fiber hybrid laser to eliminate “Busy Error” failures
  • Fixed issue where Autohandlers with a legacy Galil 1040 controller could not initialize due to an unsupported command
  • Feature added to allow BPWin Supervisors to establish the upper power limit on the APS laser marker. This feature is supported on both the CO2 and Fiber hybrid laser
  • Fixed a communication problem between BPWin and TM50
  • Corrected problem when other peripherals abort a job session because the Fiber hybrid laser has not finished initialization
  • Fixed an issue with the autoloading of an inspection file where BPWin would timeout before UltraVim responded (This only applies to the ScannerTech 3D inspection system)
  • Updated BPWin nomenclature to support two digits for the sub-minor version