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BPM Releases Support For NXP Industrial/Automotive MCU

by | Apr 30, 2021 | New Device Support, News, Technology

MXP (Freescale) MC9S12DJ64CFU for Automotive and Industrial Applications

Automotive MCU MC9S12DJ64CFUEBPM is pleased to announce 9th Generation support for the NXP Industrial/Automotive MCU (Microcontroller) MC9S12DJ64CFU. This flash device is used primarily in small engine automotive applications, but also Industrial, Mobile, and Smart Home. BPM is the only company among our major competitors that currently provides programming for this device.

According to MXP, the MC9S12D is a 16-bit MCU composed of standard on-chip peripherals, including:

  • Two asynchronous serial communications interfaces
  • 8-channel IC/OC enhanced capture timer
  • Two 8-channel, 10-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADC)
  • 8-channel pulse-width modulator (PWM)

which is designed for (Automotive) Motorcycle Engine Control Unit (ECU) and Small Engine Control, (Industrial) Anesthesia Unit Monitor, Electricity Grid and Distribution, Gas Meter, Home Health Gateway, Powered Patient Beds, Smart Power Socket and Light Switch & Water Meter; (Mobile) Hearables, Input Device (Mouse, Pen, Keyboard), Wireless Charging Pad & Wristbands. See more here.

  • Package: HQFP(80)
  • Category: MCU
  • Detailed Description: HCS12 series Microcontroller IC 16-Bit 25MHz 64KB (64K x 8) FLASH 80-QFP (14×14)
  • 16-bit words: 2056192
  • Memory Regions: 0h-3FFh; 2000h-3FFFh; 6000h-7FFFh; 1E 4000h-1E 5FFFh; 1E C000h-1E DFFFh; 1F 4000h-1F 5FFFh
  • Vcc(program): 4.5
  • Electrical Erase: Yes
  • Secure: Read and Program
  • Set programming: Yes
  • 9th Gen Socket Solution: FVE2ASMR80QFCM
  • Available on BPM’s Process software BPWin Versions released after 01/14/2021

Unique Support

As of publication, BPM has the only supported solution for this particular device. Freescale devices currently supported by BPM stand at 3,223. NXP devices currently supported by BPM stand at 650.

  Supported* Socket
Elnec No  
Data I/O No  
Dediprog No  

*As of publication

9th Gen

9th Generation Site Technology delivers the fastest programming times, 2 to 9 times faster for flash devices. Vector Engine™ Co-processing with BitBlast offers the fastest programming speeds in the industry, vastly increasing throughput.

BPWin Software Support

In order to fully take advantage of new device support from BPM Microsystems, you’ll need a version of BPWin after 1/14/2021. New programmers come with one year of software support; if your software contract has lapsed, please contact Inside Sales to take advantage of daily additions and improvements in device support.

Number of Devices Supported by 9th Gen

Manual Programmers for this Device

Available for purchase in North America (US/Canada/Mexico)


2900L Manual Programmer with Actuator


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2900 9th Gen Manual Programmer


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