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Atmel Support for SOIC (Small Outline Integrated Circuit) ATF16V8B-15SU-T

The ATF16V8B-15SU-T provides edge-sensing low-power PLD (Programmable Logic Device) solution with low standby power consumption (5mA typical). It powers down automatically to the low-power mode through the Input Transition Detection (ITD) circuitry when the device is idle. See more here.

  • Fuses: 2194
  • Gates: 250
  • Package: SOIC(20)
  • Temp Range: -40C to +85C
  • Electrical Erase: Yes
  • Secure: Yes
  • 9th Gen Socket Solution: FVE4ASMR20SB
  • Available on BPM’s Process software BPWin Versions released after 01/14/2021

The PLD programming support from BPM has been qualified by the Atmel PLD Applications group. Read more here.

Unique Support

As of publication, BPM has the only supported solution for this particular device. Atmel devices are particularly “challenging” to support, and no one has as many Atmel devices supported as BPM (currently 4781).

  Supported* Socket
Data I/O no  
Dediprog no  

*As of publication

9th Gen

9th Generation Site Technology delivers the fastest programming times, two to nine times faster for flash devices. Vector Engine Co-processing with BitBlast now supports HS400. BitBlast offers the fastest programming speeds in the industry, vastly increasing throughput.

BPM Advantages

The socket card (FVE4ASMR20SB) is built with a replaceable socket. This means when the socket wears out, simply remove it and replace it with LSOCS20EA, rather than replacing the whole socket card (adapter). This socket card allows for up to 4 devices to be programmed in parallel per site and will work with both manual and automated systems.

BPWin Software Support

In order to fully take advantage of new device support from BPM Microsystems, you’ll need a version of BPWin after 1/14/2021. All engineering manual programmers (they start with a “1” such as the 1710) come with lifetime software support. New programmers come with one year of software support; if your software contract has lapsed, please contact Inside Sales to take advantage of daily additions and improvements in device support.

Device Search Socket Decoder Types of Programmables


Number of Devices Supported by 9th Gen

Complete Ecosystem

BPM Microsystems has ownership of all designs, manufacturing, and support for all programming sites, robotics, vision systems, and software, so we can provide unmatched support and responsiveness

  • Reduce your time to market by doing New Product Introduction/First Article through Automated Production with the same hardware, algorithms, and software

9th Generation Site Technology

Manual Programmers for this Device

Available for purchase in North America (US/Canada/Mexico)


2900L Manual Programmer with Actuator


In stock (can be backordered)


2900 9th Gen Manual Programmer


Available on backorder