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ROHM EEPROM First-in-Family Support from BPM

by | Jun 11, 2021 | Announcements, New Device Support

First major supplier to support ROHM BR24L04F-WE2 I²C BUS EEPROM

rohm eeprom BR24L04F-WE2 skematicBPM is pleased to announce 9th Generation support for ROHM Electronics EEPROM* BR24L04F-WE2. It’s ideal for maximum data retention projects (up to 40 years). BPM is the only company among our major competitors (Data I/O, System General, Elnec, etc.)  that currently provides programming for this device**. Additionally, ROHM EEPROM uses BPM’s universal socket FVE4ASMR08SOPA and is fully compatible with BPM’s 9th Gen manual programmers (2900 and 2900L) and automated programming systems (3901, 3928, and 4910).

*EEPROM is short for Electrically Erasable Programmable ROM, EEPROMs are a type of non-volatile memory that allows data to be written to each address via electric signals. ROHM EEPROMs are capable of an industry best 1 million rewrites and retain data for up to 40 years. ROHM’s unique double cell technology has been incorporated into the entire family, resulting in remarkably high reliability.

rohm eeprom BR24L04F-WE2ROHM EEPROM Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: ROHM Electronics
  • Part Number: BR24L04F-WE2
  • 8-bit Bytes: 512
  • Memory Regions: 0h-1FFh
  • Vcc(program): 5.0
  • Set programming: Yes
  • Packages: TSOP(8)
  • Device Type: EEPROM
  • Device Size: 4 Kbit
  • Algorithm Programming Method: I2C
  • 9th Gen Socket Solution: FVE4ASMR08SOPA
  • Available on BPM’s Process software BPWin Versions released after 05/05/2021

Unique Support

As of publication, BPM has the only supported solution for this particular device. The quantity of ROHM devices supported by BPM Programmers is currently 19 (some pending samples). 

  Supported** Socket
Elnec No  
Data I/O No  
System General No  
Xeltek No  
Dediprog No  

**As of publication

9th Gen

9th Generation Site Technology delivers the fastest programming times, 2 to 9 times faster for flash devices. Similarly, Vector Engine™ Co-processing with BitBlast offers the fastest programming speeds in the industry, vastly increasing throughput for automotive MCUs.

BPWin Software Support

In order to fully take advantage of new device support from BPM Microsystems, you’ll need a version of BPWin after 05/05/2021. In conclusion, new programmers come with one year of software support; if your software contract has lapsed, please contact Inside Sales to take advantage of daily additions and improvements in device support.

Number of Devices Supported by 9th Gen

Manual Programmers for this Device

Available for purchase in North America (US/Canada/Mexico)

2900L Manual Programmer with Actuator


2900 9th Gen Manual Programmer


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