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BPM Microsystems makes a giant leap forward with the launch of their new website. Designed with a clean, modern, and responsive framework, bpmmicro.com boasts faster speeds delivered on a secure network. All of the features their customers and users expect are there and more, including a faster, easier way to interact with device support.

“BPM’s web site is mission critical for our customers,” says William White, Owner/Founder of BPM Microsystems. “We recognize that customers have a choice and so It is my goal to make BPM Microsystems the most convenient and responsive provider in the industry.”

It all starts with a foundation of a fully-managed WordPress host provider utilizing the Google Cloud Platform. The web host is a recognized WordPress host, with “speed-obsessive architecture” to squeeze every possible byte into a lively user experience (on mobile and desktop). The clean icon-based graphics are optimized as well, utilizing web vector files that are, on average, one-tenth the size of standard picture formats, yet are always high resolution regardless of how large they are displayed.

For those who surf on their phones, you’re in for a treat. The entire site has been optimized for the mobile browser, with content specific to the small screen (and blazing fast). Even the navigation is accessible by touch.
BPM has made it easier to get what you need. Simple, intuitive navigation is always available in the header. Device Search and Request are always within reach in the top navigation on the desktop. Not sure where to find something? Check out the robust search capabilities by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the top nav.

BPM is also excited to announce the simultaneous launch of BPM Connect, their customer portal. “It’s the customer portal for doing just about anything with BPM— your cases, your device support requests, immediately and 24/7,” says Corey Miles, BPM’s Customer Delivery Director. BPM Connect allows their customers to interact directly with service and device support questions and service cases. They can follow their progress, add comments, request device support, and access intuitive how-to’s on frequently asked questions. “The goal is to have you up and running as fast as possible,” says Miles. BPM Connect is a portal with direct access to BPM’s Salesforce CRM, streamlining communication and giving customers access to their cases. To sign up for BPM Connect, or to see the informative video, go to https://bpmmicro.com/support/bpm-connect/.

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