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BP Microsystems, the leading supplier of device programming systems worldwide, announces the start of its 20th year in the device programming industry.

Established in 1985, BP Microsystems began in a dorm room at Rice University by an engineering student named William White. Mr. White was engaging in his senior engineering project, but could not find the tools necessary to properly program his semiconductor device, so he decided to design his own.  Promoting the product as the “Engineer’s Programmer,” this first model went on to sell almost 7,000 units during the first five years of the company’s existence.

During a recent company 20th anniversary celebration, Mr. White mused about the past during his address to the attendees, “My family and friends thought I was crazy to take off a semester to start the company, but looking back it was a great investment and I am proud to see how far you (the employees) have grown it.”

Today, BP Microsystems is one of the most respected names in device programming equipment worldwide and is still privately owned by Mr. White, who is the active President of the company.  Some of the world’s leading manufacturers depend on BP Microsystems’ equipment for producing electronic products such as cell phones, automotive electronics, industrial controls, as well as consumer, military and aerospace electronics.

The company continues to create innovative and useful new products that meet the needs of the changing semiconductor and electronics industries, and this year will ship its newest Enhanced 7th Generation site technology, which has been adapted to accommodate ever-increasing flash memory device sizes.

BP Microsystems’ goal is to continue with its focus on device programming and bringing customers new technology in both device programming hardware and the volume device handling systems that feed them. The company has been going strong for the past 20 years, and will continue doing so for the next 20 years and beyond.

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