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BPM Microsystems 3901 Automated Programming System using WhisperTeach™

by | Aug 13, 2020 | How To, Video

WhisperTeach™ is BPM’s patented technology that “teaches” the critical z-coordinate to precisely pick and place devices to and from locations while operating an automated programmer. It eliminates the need for a highly-skilled operator to set critical Z-height for pick-and-place functions. WhisperTeach™ offers a faster set up times and improved yields. WhisperTeach™ eliminates common Z-height errors such as miss picks, miss place, and socket continuity flaws.


Very small devices such as WLCSP, SOT, DFN have very low mass. When teaching Z with a vacuum, the suction causes the part to jump up to the nozzle, increasing the possibility of an inaccurate Z teach elevation. Because automated systems are extremely consistent, a less-than-perfect teach may cause pick and place errors, dropped parts, cracked parts, and continuity errors.

This overview is a portion of a virtual demo. To see more, check out https://bpmmicro.com/3901-virtual-demo/ https://bpmmicro.com/3901aps/