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HOUSTON, TX-Dec. 4, 2017-SMT Global & Packaging interviews James Holava, BPM Director of Global Sales, at Productronica about new BPM innovations. BPM is now on its 9th Gen site technology platform, which is backward compatible with most 6th, 7th, and 8th generation sockets. 9th Generation supports the majority of the 39,000+ library* of components and devices that BPM has collected since 2002. This helps clients leverage many existing sockets and gives clients ease regarding the lifespan of future investments.

With the trend in the industry of higher density and smaller package devices, 9th Generation technology also supports the eMMC devices and the HS400 programming mode at 200 MB per second. This provides the throughput manufacturers need today in modern production. To improve handling for smaller device packages, BPM also introduced a new technology called WhisperTeach™. WhisperTeach™ automatically teaches the Z-height of components and removes the opportunity for manual defects.

BPM 9th Gen site technology is available on the 4900 and 3900 automated programming systems, as well as the 2900L and 2900 systems. To learn more about BPM 9th Generation site technology and programmers, please contact BPM.

*As of publication