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HOUSTON, TX—Nov. 3, 2017–BPM Microsystems adopted an Agile software development practice. What is Agile? Agile refers to a software development methodology based on empowering teams, who collaborate with customers, to rapidly deliver working software to customers. Continuous attention to technical excellence and quality improve the agility of a team.

Agile software development originates from the Agile Manifesto. The Agile Manifesto was created in 2001 by a group of seventeen leading figures in the software industry. It reflects their experiences of what principles and approaches deliver the greatest success in software development.

By rapidly delivering working software to customers, BPM is able to deliver valuable features and functionality to customers that achieve business values. Agile allows BPM to build projects around customer priorities and quickly adapt to new and changing priorities.

BPM customers benefit from Agile in many ways. Customer engagement and satisfaction are core to Agile. Improved visibility and customer feedback ensures BPM brings the most valuable products and features to market faster and with more predictability and reduced risk. With Agile, BPM is able to release weekly to every two weeks, instead of 6 to 8 times a year. The frequent release schedule gets valuable changes into customer hands faster.

Since adopting agile in 2017, BPM has seen quality improvements, team spirit is higher than ever, and functionality is being delivered steadily every sprint.

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