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BP Microsystems, a leading supplier of device programming systems worldwide, announced today that after 21 years, it is changing its company name and will now be known as BPM Microsystems.

“Our company has long been the leader in the manufacture of semiconductor programming equipment,” said Lyman Brown, Vice President, and COO. “Our new name will reflect the same high-quality company that customers and the industry alike have depended on for the past 21 years. However, we look forward to no longer being confused with BP Amoco, the oil company, which also has its headquarters in Houston.”

The original BP name was created from the founders’ first names— Bill White and Peter Cole— when they opened BP Microsystems in Houston in 1985.  BPM Microsystems continues today under the direction of CEO and President Bill White and is the leader in the device programming industry in support of electronics production globally.

Looking forward, BPM Microsystems remains committed to enabling its customers to program devices in the most efficient ways possible today and in the future. To achieve this goal, the company combines technical leadership, innovative design and state-of-the-art manufacturing practices to offer its customers the latest products. These products enable customers to reduce costs, improve performance and bring their products to market faster.

The name change will become effective August 28, 2006, and will coincide with the opening of BPM Microsystems’ new headquarters building in Houston, Texas.

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