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BPWin Highlights

  • Windows 10 Support
    Many of you have asked for Windows 10 support for BPWin– it’s now available with the launch of version 7.0.0. BPWin is currently compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10, 64-Bit operating system; users can now take advantage of the newest Windows operating system with greater speed, security, and access to the latest OS updates. Please contact Inside Sales to determine if you need additional hardware for your Automated Programming System, including:

    • FPCAUTO06 host computer
    • Galil 4040 Motion Controller
    • Fiber Laser – Prolase 10 Dongle
    • Valid Software Support Contract
    • ScannerTech 3D Inspection – updated Host Controller Card

    Manual programmers require a host computer with 2.0 GHz processing speed or faster, Minimum 2GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive (SSD Recommended) and a current software support agreement.

Device Programming Enhancements

  • Improved 9th Gen compatibility with previous generation programmers
  • Updated continuity check to improve performance with low voltage devices
  • Implemented automatic updates for sites with hardware revision IPR-106
  • Improved the image format tool time performance for HS200/400 devices
  • Fixed hardware timeout issues during 9th Gen diagnostics with certain socket cards

Other Updates

  • Added support to allow for installing multiple Device Support Update (DSU) versions with the same BPWin version on the programmer’s host computer
  • Fixed a crash when accessing the JobMaster Configure dialog without running as Administrator
  • Fixed BPWin Launcher to work with versions later than 6.4.0