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BPWin Highlights

  • Added a feature to secure JobMaster files and ensure they can never be modified. This feature can be found in the JobMaster/Configure named “Lockdown JobMaster Files”. When JobMaster files are saved while this is checked those JobMaster files will disallow changes to any settings, regardless of the user having entered the Supervisor password and/or the Job Protection password.  This feature is ideal for critical job files that must not change.
  • Added checks to ensure hardware & software compatibility on 9th Gen programmers. 9th Gen programmers with CPLD versions prior to 107h will require an update which will be made available in BPWin 6.4.3. Run diagnostics to determine the site CPLD version.

BPM 3000/4000 Series Autohandler

  • Fixed an issue happening on upward vision systems where vision alignment was skipped when using the label presenter. This applies to the 3800MK2 and 3900 APS.
  • Resolved intermittent site motor failures that sometimes occur when the APS door is opened during the site open/close cycle.
  • Fixed a crash experienced when running a job session with Mechanical Benchmark as the device selection with an empty buffer.

Device Programming Enhancements

  • Resolved Read and Compare issues for eMMC devices on 9th Gen.
  • Added a feature which allows the user to abort the checksum calculation while loading a data pattern.
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