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BPWin Versioning Updates

  • Effective with BPWin 6.4.0, we have adopted a simplified sequential software versioning scheme to include the release number and date. BPWin “Betas” (what we called Algo releases) will no longer be released. Rather, algorithm updates will adopt the current major and minor version of BPWin posted on the BPM website designated by “DeviceSupportUpdate.x” and the date of release. For Example:

This release, BPWin 6.4.0 (9/17/2018) will be followed by “6.4.0 DeviceSupportUpdate.1 (9/18/2018)” which will include algorithm additions and updates. The following release with algorithm additions and updates will be “6.4.0 DeviceSupportUpdate.2 (9/19/2018)” and so on. Release numbers that include “DeviceSupportUpdate.x” replace those versions previously identified as “beta.”

BPM 3000/4000 Series Autohandler

  • BPM Microsystems announces the release of the 3910 Automated Programming System. The new model uses CyberOptics vision technology for precise on-the-fly alignment and significant motion control improvements to increase throughput up to 1,432 devices per hour. The 3910 adopts industry-leading 9th Gen programming technology, component automeasure and award-winning WhisperTeach™ technology to automate critical Z-Teach locations.
  • We’ve added improvements to component alignment system error messages. Error messages will provide relevant information rather than simply an error code.

Device Programming Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Improved error handling with jobs using simple serialization; in the event the serialization data file cannot be accessed, there will no longer be instances where the serialization log file erroneously suggests that a duplicate serial number was attempted to be used. Instead, the message will indicate that no device operation was performed and no serial numbers were used after the error.
  • Enhanced the signal integrity test between the 9th Gen programming site and the Diagnostics Card (FXASM9XDIAG). The test includes all 240 pin drivers and other signals to confirm your programmer is fully operational.
  • Optimized pin-driver timing to improve emulation between legacy programmers and 9th Gen programmers for specific devices. (This improvement does not impact JobMaster files.)
  • Resolved a “Site Authentication Failure” error that can occur with some configurations by improving USB communication between the host computer and the programming site.
  • Fixed a problem when trying to set the master site via the BPWin API; now the master site configures properly.
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