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BPM 3901 vs. Data I/O PSV5000

  BPM 3901

Data I/O PSV5000

Release Date October 2019✓ 2015 3901 is new
DPH / with Laser 1088 / 811 1300 / 700 BPM has benchmarked DPH
Site/Socket Capacity 4/16 6/24✓ Certain peripherals on PSV5000 reduce number of sites by 1 or 2
High Speed Programming Yes✓ Only on LumenX LumenX sites required to get high speed mode
Teach WhisperTeach✓ Manual Clear Winning Advantage; Competition has nothing like it. Z Accuracy within 15 microns
Fast Software Job Setup/ changeover Yes✓ No Feedback from several programming centers that have both BPM and Data IO systems
Universal Site Technology Yes✓ No BPM support 3 times more devices out of the box; Data IO has 2 different site technologies that require different sockets
API Yes✓ No  
Nozzles Single Single  
XYZ Motors Stepper Servo✓ Market perception is that Servos are superior
Alignment On the fly✓ Upward CCD CyberOptics LNC-120 Camera used by BPM is much faster, more accurate
Handling CSP ✓ not really DataIO promotes 2x3mm support (ask for proof)
X-Y Axis Positioning Accuracy +/-0.015mm✓ +/-0.020 mm  
Z-Axis Teach Accuracy with WhisperTeach +/-0.015mm✓ unknown No data provided by DataIO
Theta Accuracy .014 degrees✓ unknown No data provided by DataIO
Job Staging, socket variety Yes Yes BPM’s socket adapters are more universal
eMMC Yes Only on Luminex✓ DataIO limited to 4 sockets per site with UFS support. Customers must buy a separate site set if they need big Memory devices. This is a huge advantage for BPM.
UFS   Option✓  
Socket MOQ 2✓ 4 Customers can buy as few as 2 socket cards for APS operations
Receptacle Option Yes✓ Yes Most of BPM designs have receptacle solution
Win7 and Win10 Yes Yes  
Security Yes Yes DataIO promoting their feature as a product (Sentrix) that requires additional hardware
Laser Marker CO2 Fiber BPM has a superior dust collection system
TapeOut Yes✓ Yes BPM TM50-MK2 Tape-Out has two more sensors than DataIO
Tape Feeders X-Stream Series Hover Davis  
Tape Input Base Yes Yes✓ DataIO offers this as a standard item on every machine
Stationary Tray Yes Yes  
Tube Support Yes Yes  
Tray Stacker Yes✓ Yes Reported by a programming center, the DataIO Tray Stacker is not as reliable as BPM
Global Maintenance and Support Yes Yes  
New Device Support Policy Quoted per opp Standard policy✓ DataIO waives NRE charges with the purchase of 2 Gang Cards
2-Site APS with stationary tray configuration $90K $140K Information based on competitive quote comparisons
Number of ✓ ✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓ ✓✓✓✓✓✓  
Winner Max Value/Low Cost ✓    

Competitor information is from public sources, such as company websites. Information may be out of date or inaccurate, but is based on best research practices. You should always ask for documentation, such as actual benchmarks for devices per hour, or actual number of service employees.

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