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Tube Stacker

A wide range of devices are distributed via tubes. The main method for programming devices in tubes has been gravity-feed or vibratory-feed. Each of these methods is labor-intensive and prone to errors. Given this information, users must either spend valuable time transferring parts from tubes to trays or constantly monitor jobs while they run.

Only a tube-based part delivery method makes your operation more efficient and saves you money. Unlike vibratory feeders, it is reliable, non-stop, easy to use, and requires less operator intervention.

Reliable part delivery is the most important feature of the Tube Stacker. The system delivers all parts repeatable to the same pick point via the part conveyor. This means that you will not need to make adjustments during the job, and the machine requires very little operator intervention.

True “Non-Stop” operation allows you to load additional tubes while the job is running without stopping the handler. This means that you can load tubes when the machine is empty, or when it is partially-filled. This also means that you can spend more time away from the machine performing other tasks.

Quick and easy changeovers are an important feature of the Tube Stacker. Special compression handles are used for fast release and replacement. This means you can switch between package styles and maintain a high-level of utilization.

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