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Silicon Sculptor

Silicon Sculptor 3

Silicon Sculptor 3, manufactured by BPM Microsystems

Silicon Sculptor 3 is an FPGA programming tool that delivers high data throughput and promotes ease of use, while lowering the overall cost of ownership. The Silicon Sculptor 3 includes a high-speed USB 2.0 interface that allows a customer to connect as many as 12 programmers to a single PC. Furthermore, Silicon Sculptor 3 is compatible with Adapter Modules from Silicon Sculptor II, thereby preserving a customer’s investment and enabling a seamless upgrade to this latest generation of the tool.

Product Features

Silicon Sculptor 3 offers four times the memory size compared to the previous Microsemi Silicon Sculptor II programmer and has faster data processing. With 64 MB of internal memory, the Silicon Sculptor 3 allows concurrent programming of highly-dense parts that could only be programmed non-concurrently with prior programmers, which means higher throughput is now possible for even the densest of parts. This additional memory will also support the larger algorithms of planned future parts. Silicon Sculptor 3 incorporates the industry’s widely accepted high-speed USB 2.0 standard bus for communications, allowing as many as twelve Silicon Sculptor 3 systems to be connected to a single PC through a series of nested high-speed USB 2.0 hubs. This enables an easily expandable, low to medium volume production programming system to be dynamically assembled.

Silicon Sculptor 3 Benefits:

  • Programs all Microsemi packages, including PLCC, PQFP, VQFP, QFN, BGA, FBGA, and CSP
  • Universal Microsemi socket adapters
  • Works with Silicon Sculptor II adapter modules
  • Uses the same software as Silicon Sculptor II
  • Compatible with Silicon Sculptor software v4.59.2 and later
  • Security fuse can be programmed to secure the devices
  • Allows self-test to test its own hardware
  • STAPL support for IGLOOProASIC3SmartFusionFusion, and ProASICPLUS


Q: What programmers can I use to program Microsemi® devices?

A: Microsemi only tests the programming of Microsemi devices on the FlashPro, Silicon Sculptor, and BPM Microsystems programmers. Each release of the Silicon Sculptor and FlashPro software goes through a rigorous testing procedure to ensure the best programming yield possible. This test procedure includes programming devices and functionally testing these devices.

Microsemi does not test programming solutions from any other vendors and cannot guarantee programming yield.

Device Support

Silicon Sculptor 3 is the ideal low-cost programmer for Microsemi's entire portfolio of FPGAs. Below is a table of currently supported devices.

Flash Devices

Antifuse FPGAs

RadTolerant Devices

SmartFusion2 Axcelerator RT ProASIC3  
SmartFusion eX RTAX-DSP  
Fusion MX RTSX-SU   
IGLOO nano FPGAs    
ProASIC3 nano FPGAs      


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