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3928 Product Specifications


Handler Handler Throughput: Up to 1,450 Devices per Hour with vision centering
Component Handling Range: 0402 to 240-pin QFP
Machine Dimensions:
Length 127cm, width 61cm, height 137cm
Machine Net Weight:
195.45 kg
Shipping Dimensions:
Length 162cm, width 96cm, height 177cm
Shipping Weight:
309.09 kg Safety Standard: CE compliant
Power supplies, CPU, memory, X, Y, Z, theta motion systems, nozzle run-out, and height


X-Y Drive System: High-performance stepper motor driven belt
X-Y Encoder Type: Linear optical scale
Z-Theta Encoder Type: Optical Encoder
X-Y Axis Resolution: 0.0050mm
X-Y Axis Maximum Velocity: 150cm per second
Z Drive System: High-performance stepper motor driven lead screw
Theta Drive System: Precision stepper motor-driven direct drive assembly
Theta Axis Resolution: 0.014°
X-Y Axis Accuracy: 14µ
Z-Axis, WhisperTeach™ Placement Accuracy: 15µ

Alignment: CyberOpticsTM On-The-Fly
Downward Vision: CCD, GigE compliant

Air Pressure: 80 psi (5.56 bars) minimum
Air Flow: 2.0 scfm (50.1L/min)
Operational Temperature: 55° to 90° F (13° to 32° C)
Relative Humidity: 30-80%
Minimum Floor Space: 183cm x 107cm
Input Line Voltage: 100-130/200-260VAC
Input Line Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 1KVA

Socket Card: Including, but not limited to, CSP, QFN, μBGA, BGA, MLF, SOIC, LAP, TSOP, LCC, PLCC, QFP
Other Options: Receptacle Socket options

Peripherals: Tape Input/Output, 3D Inspection, Tray Stacker, Tray Shuttle, Tube Input/Output, CO2 Laser Marker

3928 Peripherals Available with Number of Sites

Tape Out Tape In Tray/Tray Stacker 3D Laser # Site
Yes Yes       7
Yes Yes     Yes 6
Yes Yes   Yes   6
Yes Yes   Yes Yes 5
Yes Yes Yes   Yes 5
Yes Yes Yes Yes   5
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 4

Architecture: 9TH Gen Concurrent Programming System with Vector Engine Co-Processor
Programming Sites: 2 to 7 sites, 1 to 4 sockets per site, 28 sockets max
Calibration: Annual, may be performed on site
Diagnostics: RAM, communications, calibration, timing, LEDs, fans, pinoe, power supplies, voltage/current/slew for vpp and vcc, high current vcc mode, digital pin drivers, and relays. Ground Transistors, digital driver path to programmer, dcard LEDs, customizable diagnostics per dcard, Precision Measurement Unit (PMU) pin drivers
Memory: 256GB per site, upgradable to 512GB
Communications: USB 2.0
Data Pattern Broadcast: 25MB per second
Firmware Updates: Software automatically performs firmware download


Required: BPWin™
File Type: Binary, Intel, Motorola, RAM, straight hex, hex-space, Tekhex, Extended Tekhex, ASCII, hex, OMF, LOF, MER, and others
Device Processes: ID check, blank check, continuity, auto start, compare, read, erase, program, verify, multi-pass verify, test, checksum, secure, device configure, auto-range, options and more
Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 7, 64-bit
Network Interface: Gigabit Ethernet
Advanced Feature Software: Simple and complex serialization, CJob Monitor and CJob Control (API)


Quantity: 240-pins standard, per site
Vpp Range: 
 0V to 25V 
Ipp Range: 
Up to 1.2A total
Vcc Range: 
 0V to 13V
Icc Range: 
Rise Time: 
 350 ps
 ESD, overcurrent shutdown, power failure shutdown 
pin drivers and waveform generators are fully independent and concurrent on each site 
Digital Range: 
 800kHz to 200MHz


Hardware:  One Year Warranty
 One Year Support


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