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3901 vs. 3910 vs. 3928 | APS Comparison

  BPM 3901
3901 Automated Programming System
BPM 3910
BPM 3928
Release Date Sept 2019 Sept 2018 Nov 2019
DPH / with Laser 1088 / 811 1432 / 811 1450 / 840
Site/Socket Capacity 4/16 4/16 7/28
High Speed Programming Yes Yes Yes
Teach WhisperTeach WhisperTeach WhisperTeach
Fast Software Job Setup/ changeover Yes Yes Yes
Universal Site Technology Yes Yes Yes
3D Inspection No No Yes
API Yes Yes Yes
Nozzles Single Single Single
Servo/Stepper Stepper Stepper Stepper
Alignment On the fly On the fly On the fly
Handling CSP CSP CSP
X-Y Axis Positioning Accuracy +/-0.015mm +/-0.015mm +/-0.015mm
Z-Axis Teach Accuracy with WhisperTeach +/-0.015mm +/-0.015mm +/-0.015mm
Theta Accuracy .014 degrees .014 degrees .014 degrees
Job Staging, socket variety No No Yes
eMMC Yes Yes Yes
UFS     (coming soon)
Socket MOQ 2 2 2
Receptacle Option Yes Yes Yes
Win7 and Win10 Yes Yes Yes
Security Yes Yes Yes
Floorspace Footprint 127cm x 61cm 127cm x 61cm 127cm x 61cm
Laser Marker CO2 CO2 CO2
TapeOut Yes Yes Yes
Tape Feeders X-Stream Series X-Stream Series X-Stream Series
Tape Input Base Yes Yes Yes
Stationary Tray Yes Yes Yes
Tube Support Yes Yes Yes
3D Inspection No No Yes
Tray Stacker Yes Yes Yes
Global Maintenance and Support Yes Yes Yes
New Device Support Policy quoted per opp quoted per opp quoted per opp
Winner Max Value/Low Cost High Speed/Low Cost Max Capacity/Cost

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