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WKITSPA4X00-3 4X Spare Parts Kit

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Spare Parts Kits, New Power | Built to order in 3 working days

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Note: Lead Time is working days (5 days per week)

Spare Parts Kits are available for your APS, and can be the difference between a brief pause or a major line-down event, costing you thousands in lost revenue and productivity. If something breaks, your Automated Programmer could go line-down until the part arrives, which could be as long as 13 weeks for hard-to-source parts!

Spares are specific to your particular machine and are configured with basic or “deluxe” packages that include a spare site.

4X APS Spare Parts Kit includes:

Part No. Description Qty
CFUS3-15A-5X20T Fuse 3.15a 5x20mm Slow Blow 4
CPWS09 Power Supply, 24v Dc, 3"X5", 4.2 Amp 1
CFUS08 Fuse, 2 Amp 1
CPICFUS01 Fuse, 10a/250v, 5x20mm, Slow, Quad 2
CPICFUS02 Fuse, 15a/125v, 5x20mm, Fast, Quad 2
CPICBELTXY Belt, Drive, Upper Or Lower, Optibelt Omega HP 1
CHARBELT10 Drive Belt, 4x Z-Axis, Mxl 0.25 1
WSTEPRPLCLONG Step Motor Replacement X700 1
CLAM03 Lamp, T-2 Slide Base, 24v, Allied 1
CPICROD01 Z-Rod Bellows Assembly, Quad 1
CPICSLVRING Seal, V Ring, 7mmid, 3.7mm Thick, 2
D03787AD Dc Fan Assembly For X710 On, 4x00 1
CCABUSB2-3M-AB Type A To B USB 2.0 Cab 3m, Cables To Go 1
CPWS082.2NFYCAP 85watt 5,15,35vdc Powersupply, EOS 1
D06876AI Assembly Ins, ESD Belt Installation 1

Additional information

Weight 300 oz
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 in
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