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WKITSPA4900EXT Extended Spare Parts Kit for 4910, 4900


Special Extended Spare Parts Kit with many additional parts (total of 63) for 4910 and 4900

Spares kits can mean the difference between a few hours or days… how much is that worth?

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QTY Part# Description
1 D07137AD Whisper Teach Valve assy, 4X
1 2-1567066-3 Z Spline Shaft and Bearing
1 CCYBSENHD-02 Cyberoptic Sensor Head, LNC120
1 WHARCHN4XKIT03U Upper E-Chain Cable Assy
1 WHARCHN4XKIT03L Lower E-Chain Cable Assy
120 CHARAIR04 Air Tubing, 4mm, Black (in Inches)
1 CFUS08 Fuse 2 AMP
4 CFUS3-15A-5X20T Fuse, 3.15 A 5×20 mm, Slow blow
1 CFUSE-3AG-1-5A Fuse, 3AG, 1.5 Amp, Fast blow
2 CPICFUS01 FUSE, 10A/250V 5X20MM Slow Blow
132 CHARBELT06 Belt long length 9mm wide, for TS1500
1 CHARBELT07 Belt, 2 mm pitch, 9 mm wide gates, for TS1500
1 CHARI/O03 70-ODC5R Output Opto-Relay for Laser Control
1 CHARI/O04 70-IDC15 Input Opto-Relay for Laser Control
1 CHARI/O05 70-ODC15 Output Opto-Relay for Laser Control
1 CLASELE02 Proximity Sensor, Yellow top, used in Laser
1 CPICBELTXY Belt, X or Y Drive
1 CHARBELT10 Belt, Z drive, Orange
2 CPICBRN01 Ball Bearing, Z Leadscrew, QUAD #40-9812
5 CPICFIL02 Filter, Z Rod, White Foam
2 CHARAIRFLT02R Inline Vacuum Filter
1 CPICMOT10 Z Motor Assy
1 D07327CA Theta Motor Assy
1 CENCMOTDRV02 Z or Theta Encoder
1 D03470AD X (Upper) Motor Assy
1 WPICMOT07 Y (Lower) Motor Assy
1 CPICQUADIDLX.50 X Axis Idler Assy
1 CPICQUADIDLY.50 Y Axis Idler Assy
2 CPICROD01 Z-Bellows
1 CPICSCR01 Z Lead Screw with Nut
1 CPICSEN02 Z Home Sensor
2 CPICSLVRING Seal, V-Ring, Vacuum
1 CPMPVAC01 Vacuum Generator, PIAB
1 D03787AD DC FAN assembly for X710 or 4X00
1 D03824AD Main Power Supply
1 D07085AD Motor Driver, Mounted, X (Upper), Koll-Morgen
1 D07084AD Motor Driver, Mounted, Y (Lower), Koll-Morgen
1 D07643AD Z Motor Driver, Mounted, Z, Koll-Morgen
1 D07642AD T Motor Driver, Mounted, Z, Koll-Morgen
1 D05159AD Galil DMC-4040 Motion Controller Assy
2 D06987AD Site Stepper Motor
1 WENC4XBR X or Y Axis Encoder Scale Beam
1 WENCRDHD02 X or Y Encoder Read Head Assy
1 WWAV4100I/F-WT 4×00 Interface Board, Modified
1 WWAVD03489-ASN02 Head Board, Modified
1 WWAVD04619DS Serial Peripheral Card, Tape Loader
1 WWAVSERIAL2LAS4 Serial Peripheral Card, 4×00 Laser
1 WWAVSERIAL2KEYL Serial Peripheral Card, Keyence
1 WWAVSERIAL2TAPF Serial Peripheral Card, Tape Feeder

Additional information

Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 12 in


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