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Nga Nguyen began working for BPM in July of 1997. She currently is the Lead Electronic Rework Assembler in BPM’s manufacturing plant. She solders at a high level of expertise, with exacting attention to detail, and comes up with innovative solutions for the various production teams. 

Some of her day-to-day responsibilities include: 

  • Diagnosing problems and repairing a variety of complex electronic and computer equipment
  • Troubleshoot modules; determine appropriate repair and parts needed based on information from users and evaluation of equipment; order and maintain stock of repair parts, equipment, and supplies. Integrate electronic equipment to accommodate user needs; Work with the DSR team to modify and determine the needs and users of the equipment.  
  • Advise users on equipment and installation needs

And much more.

“Loyal, precise, efficient, team-oriented: that’s how I’d describe Ms. Nga,” says Jon Bondurant, Chief Operations Officer at BPM.  “She is a huge asset for keeping production and customer orders moving. All around, an employee all companies would be lucky to have.” 

Join us in celebrating Ms. Nga– she, and the whole team at BPM, make equipment that accurately programs billions of devices in millions of products worldwide.