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BPM just finished its first quarter Business Review, with high-level meetings of presentations from departments managers and directors, brain-storming, and awards for performance and accomplishments.

James “Jim” Holava was awarded “Best Global Sales 2018.” He sold the most Automated Programming Systems in the company (150% of plan) and was responsible for the Top Channel Partner, The Adaptsys Group in the UK.

Receiving the “BPM Sales Hero” awards are Scott Bronstad, Marketing Communications Manager, Penny Santhanam, HR Director & interim Inside Sales Manager, and Hayley White, Inside Sales Lead. These awards are “In recognition of (their) above-and-beyond contribution to the continuous improvement of BPM.”

The awards were given out during a happy hour/dinner by Don McMahan, Global Sales Consultant, and William White, Founder, and CEO of BPM.

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