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BPM makes available over 4000 Sockets for purchase online

We’ve expanded from popular sockets to just about all the sockets BPM has available (and adding weekly). You can use the search bar to sort through the list. If you click on the SKU, it will take you to the product page, or you can order directly on the main page by clicking the “Add” button. You can purchase the socket with a credit card, or place an order with a purchase order. Because of distributor agreements, we are only shipping web orders in the US, Canada, and Mexico. If you are in the Houston area, there is also an option to pick up your order.

Buy Sockets

You can also order Manual Programmers and APS Spare Parts kits.

To look up which device is supported by BPM Sockets, start with Device Search. Try shortening your query if you don’t get any results.

When you select a socket from the list of available solutions, click the link for “Request for Quote” to view socket specs, pricing, availability, etc. You can purchase the socket with a credit card, or place an order with a purchase order.

If you still don’t get anything (or you get a “Page not found” error), please submit a device request via BPM Connect.

Device Search | Device Request

More Socket Content

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