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It may be time for OEMs to bring device programming in-house

Since 2010, the strongest market for Automated Programmers has been automotive suppliers. Smaller OEMs, while having many of the same needs as the Automotive guys, are more hampered by limited resources. As their programming needs outgrow their ability to produce on manual systems, the only option is to outsource to the programming houses, or ship their component manufacturing off-shore.

Then came the perfect storm of 2019-2020: a crippling trade war, followed by a growing pandemic.

OEMs recognize the risk in outsourcing critical components, such as programmed devices, to off-shore suppliers. They are looking more closely at options that reduce their reliance on forces beyond their control in a way that reduces costs and speeds go-to-market.

Hot buttons for OEMs

  • Faster time to market– go from prototype to production in weeks, not months. 
  • Expand vertical manufacturing capability
  • React to design changes quickly– tweaks in code can be updated to the workflow in just a few minutes
  • Intellectual Property physically protected from theft
  • Don’t have to shut down the line due to supply chain issues with programmed devices
  • The solution is available– from P.O. to programming in days, not months

See what a telecommunications OEM in the Northeast and a Midwest heavy equipment manufacturer did to ensure an uninterrupted supply of high-quality programmable devices to their lines. Discover for yourself a lower-cost option for your device programming needs without sacrificing quality and capability.